Who Are We?

Synebiz is a business and technology consulting company built to deliver explicit business outcomes through the rapid application and support of advanced information technology for our clients. Deep technology expertise and broad implementation skills. Globally distributed delivery. A fixed-time, fixed-price or time & material approach. We bring all these together to rapidly and reliably deliver the solutions and the value required at the intersection of advanced technology and the enterprise.

The premise for building and managing an intelligent organization is simple: Get the right information to the right people at the right time. The challenge is to make that vision a reality across your entire organization and to do it in a way that can easily adapt to changing business conditions. Synebiz offers a full range of enterprise architecture services including rapid assessment, corporate technology strategy, infrastructure planning, and middleware implementation. In an arena well known for impractical visions and failed initiatives, our approach is a practical one: We rapidly design and implement enterprise architectures and frameworks that are open, secure, scalable, reliable, and ready for future iteration.