E - Integration

Acting as an impartial and objective user and advisor, Synebiz strives to ensure that technology recommendations align with client needs and budgets, and to ensure overall usability, technical support capabilities, scalability, and ability to integrate with current and legacy systems.

The Synebiz technology community has a broad mix of backgrounds, including product engineering, client-server software development, back-end systems integration and data design experience in addition to our Internet technology expertise.

Our Technology Center develops and elaborates architectures, provides thought leadership, and develops solution sets based on captured knowledge. Synebiz also maintains a resident knowledge system that allows effective knowledge capture, categorization and sharing.

In addition, in an ongoing commitment to staying abreast of and leading in technological advances, Synebiz's I-Network was established to spot trends in industry and technology, imagine future applications, prototype, and present powerful points-of-view that inform our work for clients and evolve the ways in which we socialize, interact, and learn. The I-Network also has access to perspectives from world-class research groups.